Content Marketing

5 Factors to Plan a Content Marketing Strategy

As the growth of content marketing explodes into 2015, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out as a business amongst all the online noise. To become effective you need to create compelling content on a consistent basis and deliver it to the right platform at the right time to ensure that it will be seen by a large portion of your target audience. These tasks can be overwhelming if they are not clearly planned, managed and delivered and they will ultimately limit the effectiveness of the results. Take a look at these percentages taken from organisations surveyed… Eileen McCabeEileen’s creative imprint weaves an interesting trail across the internet where she has written for many businesses within a wealth of diverse industries. A specialist in content creation and promotion, she also enjoys wearing the project management hat and has worked on many digital campaigns with established stakeholders. Having written extensively for both web and print media, Eileen believes that content should be written with specific goals in mind where words drive engagement, leads and ultimately sales. A co-author on a number of Social Business Reports, she has found that regular content creation that adds value to the online audience will most definitely add value to your brand reputation too.More Posts - Website Follow Me: