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5 Essentials to Plan a Social Media Campaign

It can be a totally exciting experience to execute a social media marketing campaign yet the results of success will most often be determined by the planning of said campaign. The planning can only be crafted well when it’s based on a careful strategy designed to fulfil your business objective and this can only be successful if the campaign is targeted to the right audience on the right platform. Phew! There’s more to a social media campaign than meets the eye! That’s only the start! Once the objectives are in place and the social framework has been agreed then it’s time to…

6 Content Marketing Must Do’s for a Start-Up

6 Content Marketing Must Do’s for a Start-Up

As a Start-Up you are blessed with a bright business idea; you can understand the business mechanics of bringing the idea from a concept to a reality but can you understand the concept of bringing it to the consumer? This is something that many Start Ups fail to plan for and , often, when the time and effort has been put into the product | service development, planning and set up implementation and resource acquisition, there is little budget left over for the use of marketing your business to the right people. Yet, content marketing does not have to be hugely…

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How to Create Content that Flies: Greg Fry

Our own Greg Fry was recently involved in the successful Smart Business Show where he delivered an amazing Workshop based on content marketing entitled How to Create Content that Flies. The two day Conference was held in the RDS, Dublin and had a twofold objective; connecting business innovation and sharing ideas on working smart in business. The Smart Business Show incorporated inspirational speakers, innovative workshops, insightful business stands, talk zones, digital engagement zones and more. How to Create Content that Flies Greg’s  aim was to take the participants on a quick fire journey through the ways Content Marketing…

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Effective Content Marketing Resource Options

It’s a given now that companies and businesses should have an online presence for a number of reasons. It is also annoyingly obvious that cultivating your brand image through the use of a great content marketing strategy is a digital given. What may not be so obvious is the time and effort involved in the strategy planning, idea creation, execution and monitoring of results that is required to generate a consistent increase in ROI. Unless you come up with a spell binding, fantastic online idea, you are not going to generate large volume leads overnight and you are certainly not…

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Screencast Maker: Cool Tool

Video , Video, Video is the hot Content Ticket at the minute. That said like a trendy new bar it is a busy place. Lots of video is being created on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. So if our content is going to be seen and generate engagement it has to stand out. On the plus side most video being created is dull, uninspiring and quite frankly boring. If you want to create video, play to your strengths. If you are not good on camera, don’t be on camera there are other ways you can create great video content.  Screencasting One great option…

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5 Useful Content Marketing Types for Business

Your business is special. It is special because it is either your creation or it is a business that you are ultimately responsible for. It’s also special because of the amount of attention, hours, emotion, energy and hard work you have given to it. For this reason you want to ensure that when you take your business down the content marketing path, it is represented to its full ability. The fantastic thing about content marketing is that it is driven by a combination of detailed thought and strategy and a whopping wealth of creativity. The planning canvas is white space that is waiting to…

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ClickToTweet: Cool Tool

Okay I am going to be short but sweet this week. Once you have created great content you need to get it seen. One tactic often used is to contact third parties (Influencers, Staff, Clients etc.) and ask them to share your content. This helps get your content out there and reach more people. In addition to this obvious benefit, when third parties share your content they are very much endorsing your content to their online communities. This can be a big factor in building up your online reputation.

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April Fools that became Content Marketing Jewels

April Fool’s Day is a fantastic event for Content Marketing as it provides a platform for a certain humour and creativity that may not normally accommodate your brands image or tone. April Fools’ Day Fun Deep, rich content can be offset by whimsical humour as April Fools’ Day beckons and there are many content marketing creatives that bring a twinkle to the eye at this time. Over the years there have been many businesses that have used this day well to let their target audience see their lighter side and bring awareness to potential customers who may not have them on their…

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YouTube Cards: Cool Tool of the Week

According to Cisco, by 2017, 69% of all Consumer Traffic will be video. Yes, video is very much the hot ticket in the content world at the minute. Technology has come on so much that it has become relatively easy to create good quality frequent video content. That said many of the videos being created by businesses are far too “Salesy ” and offer the viewer no real value. However, there is no reason why a business cannot create “valuable” video content and generate business ROI. One way to do this is to ensure that your videos have useful content and have…


11 Simple SEO Tips for Blogging

Google is my online best friend when it comes to searching for information online.  There are other Search Engines , yet almost everyone who has entered the online space has accessed Google for Search and the statistics speak volumes. In January 2015, Google had an 88.1% worldwide market share. In 2014 , 2,095,100,000,000 searches were made on Google; just count those zeros. That’s an average of 5,740,000,000 searches per day. So it’s obvious that Google isn’t just MY online friend ….a lot of people around the world have connected to…