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In order to stand out from the pack your blog needs to offer real value to your target audience, your content should be original and easy to read. Over the past 18 months the “richer” “thicker content has ranked highest in Google. (Unique 1,000+ word articles). However in order for a 1000+ word post to generate a large readership it must be well formatted (eg. with sub headings and bullet points) and of course have “Great Images”. Many bloggers write great content and then spoil their hard work with poor and often generic imagery.

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Ten Tips to Blog Post Success

A lot of time and effort can be put into the creation of a blog post with the hope of producing content ‘that flies’ yet, when published, that content does not meet the expectation that had been placed upon it. It’s a deflating feeling as you may feel that the content substance is good but either Your content is not being absorbed thoroughly Your content is not reaching your target audience This frustration can be somewhat eased with sometimes just a few tweaks to your blog post, its presentation and the ease at which it can be shared. Let’s look at the different…

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Blogging Cool Tool of the Week – Pocket

I often find myself writing multiple blog posts at the same time. I am constantly saving articles and links as I research future posts. Without a concrete content plan with a strict publishing timetable my half written posts may never reach completion. When planning and researching future blog posts it is important that the content you have found is at your fingertips when you begin to write. I used to be really bad at this. I wasted time rooting around the web trying to find content I had seen and quite frankly thought I HAD BOOKMARKED somewhere. This cost me time and momentum. I…

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Content Planner: 16 Fundamental Elements

I’m running up against a deadline with this particular piece of content. This is pretty bad considering I have had plenty of time to write it as the deadline has been firmly incorporated into our extensive content planner. In fact, the strategy for distribution and promotion of this content is securely in place, the editing and formatting process is waiting to swing into optimisation action and I could be the rusty link in a well-oiled machine. I won’t be though. I know this because this particular piece of content has already been through the research and brainstorm process along with a…

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Blogging Cool Tool of the Week – Website Twitter Cards

Some of the best blog posts fail to offer any real ROI. Why? Writing great content is only half the battle. Great content requires SEO and great promotion if it is going to “fly”! One of the best places to promote your content is Twitter. However, one random tweet promoting your blog post is unlikely to deliver mass traffic to your blog post. In fact, just like an advertising campaign you will need to tweet multiple times over multiple days to get noticed. Even if I tweet my content out 2-3 times a day for 5 days, how can I give…

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5 Factors to Plan a Content Marketing Strategy

As the growth of content marketing explodes into 2015, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out as a business amongst all the online noise. To become effective you need to create compelling content on a consistent basis and deliver it to the right platform at the right time to ensure that it will be seen by a large portion of your target audience. These tasks can be overwhelming if they are not clearly planned, managed and delivered and they will ultimately limit the effectiveness of the results. Take a look at these percentages taken from organisations surveyed…

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Blogging Cool Tool of the Week –

Unless you are a Blogging machine you probably find that a lot of your Social Media activity consists of sharing 3rd party articles and opinions. This is a great way to associate yourself and your business with quality content on the web and reinforce yourself as the “go to” guy in your industry. However, what if you could share quality 3rd party content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc. and drive traffic to…


10 Killer Content Ideas for your Blog

Most businesses know they should blog. Many started to blog and failed. So what goes wrong? When talking to clients I hear two common excuses: 1. We don’t have the time. 2. We ran out of content ideas. Quality and consistency are the two keys to a great blog. A great business blog should offer genuine value to the reader and showcase the company’s expertise. Executed well a great blog will drive traffic to your website, enhance your brand image, turn existing customers/clients into…

Content Marketing

Nine Ways Content Marketing adds Value

With the volume of traditional offline marketing decreasing rapidly, more and more businesses know that they need to implement a content marketing strategy yet many shy away from changing lanes to digital as they are unsure of how to plan, implement and measure the results of this type of marketing. Recent statistics show that Content costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates three times as many leads which highlights the importance of exploring content marketing as a strategy for 2015; either through a revision of internal marketing strategy or by obtaining a content outsource solution. (more…)